Tips for caring for your baby with a dry scalp

 Baby health should be a parental concern every day. This includes the health and condition of the skin of moms, head-to-toe babies. So it's easy to have skin problems with your baby.

According to a study published by Medical News Today, more than 50% of babies under the age of 1 experience dry scalp problems. This problem is common in newborns and within the first 3 months of life.

baby with a dry scalp
baby with a dry scalp

The dry scalp problems that babies experience vary. Scalp dryness, scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema, allergic reaction due to Malassezia yeast, which begins with cradle junk and accumulates scales and flakes on the skin.

Obviously, everything tends to make your baby feel uncomfortable! It ’s a shame, right?

Therefore, parents need to know how to treat their baby's dry scalp to relieve symptoms.

How to treat your baby's dry scalp

1. Wash every day

Shampoo not only removes dirt and oil from your hair, but also helps to remove excess dirt and oil from your scalp. Includes removal of oil from the baby's skin by cradle cap and loosening of debris.
Also consider the shampoo you use for your baby. You may need a medicated shampoo specially formulated for your baby. To avoid misunderstanding, seek advice from your doctor before purchasing a medicated shampoo for your baby.
Citing Healthline, doctors are generally advised to look for shampoos containing pyrithion zinc or selenium sulfide to treat dandruff and eczema.
For more information, stubborn patch-like cradle caps, strong shampoos, those containing tar or salicylic acid, etc. can be recommended.

When washing your baby's hair with medicated shampoo, leave the shampoo on your baby's scalp for at least 2 minutes. Use medicated shampoo 2-7 days a week until symptoms improve or as directed by your doctor.

2. Treat with mineral oil

Quoting the Mayo Clinic, mineral oils can also be used to treat the baby's scalp. Especially when the baby's scalp is dry and unfriendly.
Mineral oil (mineral oil) is a type of oil made from a variety of light mixtures of colorless, odorless, higher alkanes from mineral sources. Therefore, in contrast to vegetable oils, which are usually edible. If it is difficult to obtain, try using baby oil.
So how do you treat your baby's scalp with this type of oil?

Apply this oil to your baby's scalp, gently massage it, comb it, leave it for a while to absorb the oil, and then rinse it off completely.

Do it carefully, Moms. Because excess oil remaining on the scalp can make problems like cradle cap even worse.

3. Massage with Olive Oil

If your baby has dandruff or eczema problems, using olive oil can be more helpful than mineral oil. Use the same process as massaging with mineral oil, and make sure to rinse thoroughly.
4. Apply hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream can help relieve the redness, inflammation, and itching of a baby's scalp caused by eczema. But this cream doesn't always help with cradle cap or dandruff buildup on baby's scalp.
So once again, discuss it with the doctor first so you don't get it wrong, Moms.

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