these are 5 benefits of plaplaying peek-a-booying peek-a-boo with babies

 Seeing your little one laugh out loud when invited to play peek-a-boo is very adorable. But, did you know that peek-a-boo is not just a game that can entertain babies?Quoted from, research has shown that playing peek-a-boo with babies can actually help them learn many things. What are the benefits? 

playing peek-a-boo

benefits of playing peek-a-boo with babies

Let's find out Moms!

1. Strengthening Bonds Between Moms or Dads With Little Ones

According to Dr. Kimberley O'Brien, Head of Child Psychology at Quirky Children's Clinic, in the first six months of a baby's life, it's not just a parent's job to get their baby to play. They should also focus more on meeting the baby's needs in terms of feeding, changing diapers, sleeping, and bathing.

While parents have time to play with their little ones, peek-a-boo is often one of the first reciprocal games and opportunities to start a playful relationship with their little ones.As baby gets older, it will help parents go from simply 'serving needs' to playing fun, interactive and reciprocal games. This is very useful to further strengthen the bond with the little baby.

2. Improve the Ability to Recognize Yourself and Others

Your child may need time to identify himself as a separate entity from his environment. Realization occurs when your child begins to see differences, similarities, actions and reactions. Peek-a-boo is a great way to stimulate this realization.

Of course each baby will reach developmental milestones at different times, your little one may reach them someday. However, peek-a-boo can help your little one achieve it faster than if you didn't provide any stimulation.

3. Studying Causes and Effects at an Early Age

At 9-12 months, your baby will begin to pay attention to your cues and can tell that a surprise is coming when you are invited to play peek-a-boo. This anticipation of what happens is actually a great developmental milestone for the baby, as it shows that he or she is starting to learn cause and effect.

You may notice your little one starts to grin when you cover your face with your palms. This happens because he knows what will happen next is Moms taking his hands away from his face while saying "peekaboo!"

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4. Build Early Math Skills

Playing peek-a-boo also teaches the concept of object permanence to babies. According to Piaget, this makes babies more observant and pay attention to similarities or differences between objects.

This experience leads to mathematical concepts such as sorting and classifying. This simple game also teaches baby a complex set of rules about chance and hope.

5. Learn the Early Stages of Independence

If your baby has been cradled all day, then taking him for a little peek-a-boo can give him a safe 'farewell', giving him some space and distance, with the comfort of knowing you'll be back in an instant.

In other words, peekaboo teaches the little one to be independent. A brief separation followed by a happy return to peek-a-boo also helps build trust and a strong bond between you and your little one.

This can be very useful for reducing the risk of separation anxiety when your child begins to grow up.Well, those are some of the benefits of playing peek-a-boo with babies. So, remember that playing peek-a-boo is not just entertainment and fun interactions with your little one. Moms have actually also helped him in stimulating some of the most important developmental stages for the foundation of his life.

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