The baby sleeps with his mouth open, why?

 As a mother, you may often be surprised to see new things about your baby. He often goes unnoticed because your baby must look so peaceful and healthy, like when he is sleeping.

At such times, you may be restless and wondering. Why do babies often sleep with their mouths open?

The baby sleeps with his mouth open
The baby sleeps with his mouth open

Rompers report that the newborn is actually already breathing automatically through the nose. Well, if they're sleeping with their mouths open, it's likely that your baby's nose is clogged, mom.

You need to know that the walls of the human airways, including babies, produce mucus. If your baby sleeps with his mouth open and makes a "grok-grok" sound, especially if your baby has a cough or flu, sputum in the airways may be the cause. However, if the baby is healthy, this can be caused by the presence of water in the airways that line the baby's airways.

Affi reports that there are several things you can do to treat your baby's breathing problems. That way, the baby can no longer sleep with his mouth open.

First, you can use saline spray or saline spray that is sprayed on your baby's nose. The trick is to lay the baby down, gently tilt his head back, and then spray a few drops of solution into each nostril.

Second, you can yawn your baby to drain the nose. The trick is to put warm water in the basin and let the baby breathe steam. However, if you feel very anxious, you should immediately take your baby to a pediatrician.

In fact, your baby may fall asleep with his mouth open, so don't worry too much. However, you need to be careful if your child always sleeps with his mouth open. Because there are some complications that can occur in children if you don't treat them to doctors, moms right away.

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