5 Stimulation To Strengthen Baby's Neck


Stimulation To Strengthen Baby's Neck
Stimulation To Strengthen Baby's Neck

To strengthen your little one's neck, there are times when you need Mama's help to stimulate him. The baby's ability to lift the neck will develop naturally. Generally, babies are able to lift their head when they are about 1 month old, then will be able to hold their head when sitting around 4 months of age. By the time the baby is 6 months old, the neck muscles as well as head control are getting stronger and more stable.

While a baby's neck will naturally strengthen and straighten, some babies have a neck that appears limp or unable to lift at the age it should be. Therefore, you need to pay close attention if your little one is unable to lift his head at the age of about 2 months, or your little one seems lazy to turn his head. Do the stimulation as below to strengthen the baby's neck so that it can help your little one be able to lift his neck.

Diligently changing the position of the baby's head while sleeping on his back

Change the position of your little one's head every time he sleeps. At one time, Mama can position the baby's head with his head facing straight to the left. At other times, position the head with the face facing straight to the right.

Train Baby On Stomach Early

Allowing the baby to be in a prone position is very important in helping his motoric skills. You can train your little one to sleep on his stomach even when he is just born. The trick, carry your little one and position him on his stomach on Mama's chest when Mama sleeps on a bed or chair. This position supports eye contact between you and your little one, the most effective way to build an emotional connection with your little one.

Support Baby's Body Using Towel Rolls

Mama can support the little one in the prone position using the help of a towel. The trick, put a roll of towel or a thin blanket under the chest of the little one. Position your child's hand through the roll so that the position of the arm is straight with the shoulder. Adjust the position of Mama with the little one's face. Then invite your little one to talk, sing or read a story.

Vary the Way of Carrying a Baby

To strengthen the baby's neck, try different positions when you hold and hold your little one. This serves to activate the baby's muscles to respond to the force of gravity. Train your little one to look left and right by pointing to interesting objects and sounds on the left and right.

Contact a Physiology Therapist

Your little one should have the opportunity to try different movements and positions while he is awake. If it's really necessary, it's a good idea to contact a physiological therapist at the hospital to provide input to you regarding postures and movements that your little one can try at home.

To date, about 25% of infants known to have plagiocephaly (a headache syndrome) and torticollis (a disorder of the spine, muscles or nerves that interfere with movement and position of the neck) have an underlying developmental problem.

It is very important to check your little one to the pediatrician regularly, especially when you start to detect the baby's neck is not developing properly.

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